How To Disappear The Earth #3 - Mayesvara Das

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How To Disappear The Earth #3 - Mayesvara Das

Post by Sunanda on Fri Jun 24, 2016 10:38 pm

Sunanda Prabhu, the commentary by Sri Vamsidhara to sb 5.20.38 doesn't make any sense to me. Sri Vamsidhara lived 1820-90. He is arguing that Jambudwipa is only 5,000 yojanas and not a 100,000 as declared by Sukadeva Goswami; which makes Bharata-varsha 450 yojanas (3,600 miles). His commentary on the verse does not follow the commentaries of the previous acharyas on this verse who all stick to the accepted measurements provided by Sukadeva Goswami.

I can't take this seriously as its like saying that although the height of Eiffel Tower is 300 meters, if we apply a reduction factor of 1/20 then its actual height is 15 meters. There is no basis for such a proposal. Like-wise there is no basis for applying a reduction factor of 1/20  to the landscape of Jambudwipa, and none of the other acharyas propose such a policy. The idea of a small earth and a big earth above the stars has no support in Sukadeva Goswami's description, so I've really no idea what he is referring to. Perhaps he was trying to adjust the whole thing to the modern idea, but it has no support from the Puranas.


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